June 10, 2017


Hello readers !

Today I nak share one of historical korean drama. Maybe I'm too late to watch this drama, but nahh. Nak jugak share kat korang 😂 To those yang tak tengok lagi boleh tengok. 

RELEASE DATE : April 8, 2013 - June 25, 2013
GENRE : Historical, Romance
CASTS : Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In, Hong Soo Hyun, Jae Hee
RATE : ★★★★★


It is about Jang Ok-jung, the real name of Jang Hui-bin, a royal concubine during the Joseon Dynasty who became infamous for her hunger for power and ruthless plotting before she was sentenced to death. Based on the 2008 novel by Choi Jung-mi, it is a reinterpretation of Jang Hui-bin's life, as a woman involved in fashion design and cosmetics-making in the Joseon Dynasty.


At first, I watched this drama just for fun, or maybe to accompany my father to watch it. But then, I'm impressed with the braveness of Jang Ok Jung, who loved by the King. Jang Ok Jung and the King loved each other. King already had a Queen but he didn't love the Queen. 

The drama is based on true story. I have read the story of Jang Ok Jung's life.

Jang Ok Jung started as a fashion designer and cosmetics-making in the palace. She got caught fell in love with the King by the minister, which was the Queen's father. She was expelled from the palace by Queen Mother, mother of the King, because she never liked Jang Ok Jung as she was a slave and her family belonged to contrary faction.

After that, she came back to the palace and aim to be a Queen. As long as King's love was for her, she could survive. She faced too many challenges and never gave up until the end. She became King's concubine.

Then, she was elevated to the rank of Bin, Hui Bin, after she gave birth to a son, the Crowned Prince. After the Queen was exiled, Jang Ok Jung was elevated to the Queen. 

After years, Jang Ok Jung lost favor by the King. The King started favoring Lady Choi (Choi Suk Bin), who later gave birth to a son of the King.  

The drama was a bit different from the real story, but the ending was quite similar. Real story stated Jang Ok Jung died by poison herself for the sake of her son, she was sentenced to death because King found out that she was trying to kill the Queen by cursing. The drama stated King sent her away from the palace to save her from death but she came back and drank the poison for the sake of the King and her son.

Jang Ok Jung was known as a strong and brave woman. She was given posthumous tittle " Lady Oksan, Great Concubine of the Palace ". Jang Ok Jung's tomb, Daebinmyo, was located near to the tomb of King and Queen.

I wonder, did the King love her until her last breath as in the drama ?

Annyeong, chingu ! Terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa di blog ini.


  1. tengok drama ni sebab pelakon dia best..hehe
    try tengok THE MOON EMBRANCING THE SUN pula :)

  2. wahhhh , nice share . kena tengok nie . saya pun suka historical kdrama . lagi best sbb byk action movie dari drama sekarang .