My name is Nurul Anina Ashyqin binti Amran. Just call me Anina. My birthday is on May 18. Wanna give presents, huh ?  Hahaha. I'm a student, used to be science student and still a science student. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, live in Kuala Lumpur since baby. Of course I'm not married yet.

I'm short, 155 cm. I'm a specky girl, but never try to wear contact lenses. I'm talkative, I talk a lot.

In this blog, I use two languages ; Malay and English. I'm not good in English, but still trying to improve. I write about drama and movie I've watched and books I've read. I also write about my personal life.

I love horror, thriller and mystery stories. I read a lot about creepy facts and search terrifying/horror stories on instagram and twitter. My weird habit is seeing the old/abandoned houses and buildings. If you have been at Titiwangsa, there are many abandoned bungalows.

I love Korean dramas. My favorite K-pop groups are Girls' Generation, Blackpink and Apink. Hello SONE AND BLINK ! My favorite variety show is Running Man, of course, hello runners !

I like sports, especially football, bowling and badminton. I used to be a goalkeeper when I was a kid, I was great haha. I play bowling since Form 4 and have been playing in tournament once. I just love badminton but have never played tournament.

If you're interested to pick me for review, you can email me 😉

Instagram : @aninashyqinlife
Twitter : @aninashyqin
Youtube : Anina Shyqin
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Annyeong, chingu ! Terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa di blog ini.


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