March 17, 2017


Hello guys !

No more classes. No more assignments. No more tests.
Final is around the corner.
We just finished our business presentation this morning.
It was bad, to me. We are science students but we have to take ENT which is entrepreneurship and we have to present our business. The thing is we don't understand the financial part. I was blank when the panel asked about the financial. I wasn't the financial manager, but I really have no idea about it. I said to the panel, honestly, we don't understand. And the panel just laughed (damn). I think, maybe he thought, 'They only know about the chemicals or body parts.' Hahaha but that's the facts. We learned all about the chemicals and body parts about 5 semesters.

But it's okay. We just focus on our final paper.
So here I wanna share with readers our marketing.

So these are the ingredients we need to make Sambal Ikan Bilis Strawberry and Cekodok Strawberry.

8 am we have to get ready and decorate our table. And the foods. We only have a poster, business cards, flyers and the foods. 

Actually the foods were serving for our panels but they refused to eat. So after we presented, the other groups came to our table and tried our foods, especially the Ais Krim Malaysia. We sold it, except Nasi Lemak and Cekodok. We were happy to see, looked like our efforts are paid. Even though the presentation was not really good.

Hurm I think I'm gonna start a business by selling cekodok strawberry. Is it a good idea ? Yeah. 

Thanks for reading. See you soon.
Wish me luck.
Annyeong, chingu ! Terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa di blog ini.

March 09, 2017


Hey guys !
Long time no see huh ?
I am so busy with my assignments and tests.
I took business subject for this final semester and we have to create our own business. We chose to make a cafe and we named it Strawberry Houz Cafe. This is just for our business plan, not for real (real ? why not). We hope everything is gonna be well and smooth and perfect. We dream for an A for this subject. The business plan is quite tough for us and we argued a lot (just to make everything better), and at the end, despite all the misery, we are still laughing and joking.

Hey, wanna see our logo ? Let me show you.

Just a simple one since I have no idea how to make a logo
But it looks nice, right ?

I created this logo. I took two days actually since we have no time to make a veryyyy nice logo. I was so stressed out and cried a lot thinking about this assignment. But alhamdulillah, everything went well. We almost finish it. Besides this logo, I also created the banner, flyers, business card and the websites. Gosh !

My friends also got their problems, especially the marketing manager and financial manager. When we got errors, we changed everything. I salute to all successful entrepreneurs. 

Haihh, we sighed a lot hahaha

Annyeong, chingu ! Terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa di blog ini.