March 09, 2017


Hey guys !
Long time no see huh ?
I am so busy with my assignments and tests.
I took business subject for this final semester and we have to create our own business. We chose to make a cafe and we named it Strawberry Houz Cafe. This is just for our business plan, not for real (real ? why not). We hope everything is gonna be well and smooth and perfect. We dream for an A for this subject. The business plan is quite tough for us and we argued a lot (just to make everything better), and at the end, despite all the misery, we are still laughing and joking.

Hey, wanna see our logo ? Let me show you.

Just a simple one since I have no idea how to make a logo
But it looks nice, right ?

I created this logo. I took two days actually since we have no time to make a veryyyy nice logo. I was so stressed out and cried a lot thinking about this assignment. But alhamdulillah, everything went well. We almost finish it. Besides this logo, I also created the banner, flyers, business card and the websites. Gosh !

My friends also got their problems, especially the marketing manager and financial manager. When we got errors, we changed everything. I salute to all successful entrepreneurs. 

Haihh, we sighed a lot hahaha

Annyeong, chingu ! Terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa di blog ini.

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